About the artist

Selwyn Senatori (1973, Pallanza) Neo-Pop Artist. Half Italian, half Dutch. He is awfully stylish and at the same time commonly ‘Amsterdam’. He is the suit, the pocket chief, and the custom-made show guy with a glass of champagne in his hand. But he could also be seen as a guy in shorts covert with paint, suited with a pair of flip-flops. Selwyn makes art that generates instant happiness. His art is a melting pot of Italian scoundrels, Amsterdam, food, drinks, expensive cars and parties. However, if you take a closer look you will recognize a deeper layer, another side of the hedonist, the bon vivant.

Selwyn Senatori

The artist mainly works with acrylic paint on linen, with experimentation in chalk, pencils and spray cans. Besides the canvas he draws and paints almost anything he can lay his hands on. From tablecloths during dinner, to women, cars, Vespa’s, champagne bottles and even entire busses. Senatori is based in Amsterdam where he lives and works. However his art work has been embraced around the globe. From New York, London, Dubai and Moscow via Hong Kong, Oslo to Paris.